Most security companies won’t help you obtain the proper security equipment for your home or business without also paying them to install and set it up. We at KCJ Security know, that for some, this may be an unnecessary expense which leaves you with the choice of having less security; or worse, no security, because it’s now priced out of your budget.

Security cameras and DVRs come with many different features and options to fit the specific needs of the location they will be placed and how the system will be used; and let’s face it, stores can’t stock hundreds of boxes of different systems to fit every need. So, they pick cheap featureless equipment, package it in a box and tell you it’s perfect for your project. Our Security Specialists know what features are available and what equipment you should be using to get the best picture quality and features for your needs. After all, why spend any money on a system that’s going to give you a grainy, useless picture when you need it?

If you’re a DIYer who wants a better choice of security equipment than you can find at the local store, or would like some assistance in making sure the equipment you purchase is right for your project, then KCJ can help! One of our Security Specialists will meet with you to discuss your specific security needs and offer you high quality, easy to use equipment that’s right for you…Whether you have us install it or not. You’ll also get the added benefit of having a local security company you can call, should you run into a problem. So don’t settle for a prepackaged, “one size fits all” solution from a big box store and call us today.

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Get the security system you want with out the cost of having someone install and set it up!